Sermons (Quick Tips)

  This subject comes up quite often at the shop and all over the internet. “I’m short, how do I ride?” Do I lower my bike? How much? Which bike is best for me because I’m short? While the answer is simple, it’s easier said than done because it takes […]

How to Ride a Tall Bike

A lot of women see me in the shop and comment how I am their hero. While flattered, I am FAR from a hero or even a good role model. Truth of the matter is I am just like any other person. I like to compare it to something I […]

What it Takes

Our shop has long been nicknamed “The Church of Speed”.  It’s an affectionate way to reference how we feel about motorcycles. There are many things about those of us that ride and love motorcycles that can be compared to having religion. We like to gather together, discuss and practice a […]

Who/What is the Congregation?